Q and A

Q: What major events have occurred in the past week?

A) Survived a 15 hour U-haul bench-seated journey with my parents(who refuse to drive on major highways, even when traveling in North Carolina).

B) Moved into a lovely 700 sq. ft apartment with Jackson, my boyfriend of 2.5 years, after spending 2 of those years as a successfully functioning long distance couple. As in, we haven’t spent more than 2 weeks together since 2009.

C) Celebrated our new joint living situation with a great breakfast at a nearby hotel. Oh, just because we had to check in after locking ourselves out of our new apartment at 3am, on the very first night.

D) Moved the entire contents of my life up 4 flights of stairs, in 95 degree heat, to said lovely apartment.

E) Reported to my first day of work ever in a full-time job setting, just two days after the move from NC.

F) Fell in love with my new job and asleep before 9:30 pm on a weeknight.

G) Lost my subway pass and then got on the wrong train.

H) Got extra keys made, albeit incorrectly, at Home Depot. Cue second lock-out in less than 4 days.

I) Spent more than 10 days without the company of the Real Housewives.

J) All of the above.

Do you even need to know the answer?

Real life is hard ya’ll.

It’s been a week of adjustments.

I love the city so far, but haven’t quite mastered the proper routine of riding the subway, assembling non-wrinkled outfits, and preparing lunch at home to avoid the $15 daily tiny sandwich and soup fare. My new job is going very well but it’s been a rough transition from the past three months I’ve spent at the pool, lazily lunching with girlfriends and forgetting to return redbox movies. I’ve already gotten to know my local barista at  Juan Valdez, which is directly under my office. Great for a morning (and lunch. and afternoon) pick me up, but bad news for my wallet!

We’ve been spending our nights and weekend strolling around the new neighborhood, exploring the local restaurants and opportunities instead of unpacking and organizing. Every morning we wade through the sea of boxes, trying to figure out where Jackson’s khakis are and somehow also losing the iron in the process. It’s like a big adventure; we’re co-habiting in a chaotic mess of furniture, clothes and my 2,250 lamps.

We may need to start carrying emergency flares.

But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Per usual, I’m more motivated to decorate and not actually organize and clean. However, it’s awfully hard to arrange a cute picture vignette focal wall when you can’t even see the wall!

This week’s mission: whip our new home into shape. Kick the clutter so I don’t have to keep using the metal detector to locate my earring collection in the A.M.

Until we get there, I’m staying sane by utilizing storage solutions that subconciously feel like decorating.

With just a few episodes of the Real Housewives peppered in.

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