Keep On The Sunny Side

Today’s weather forecast: via Gothamist:

“Bring an umbrella and don’t expect to see the skyline.”

After a weekend chock full of beautiful, mid-70 degree weather- cloudless skies and nights barely crisp enough for a sweater- today’s relentless pelting of rain stings worse than a bumblebee trapped in your Trina Turk two piece.

There’s just something about thunderstorms that makes me want to nest.

Preferably, in one of these cozy yellow kitchens.

┬áThe combination of sunny mellow hues and light, white, wooden accents is the perfect antidote to a gloomy Monday. I can just imagine curling up in a chair, accompanied by a cup of ginger tea, six buttery croissants and the Times’ Style Section.

Because if I’m dreaming of a NYC kitchen large enough to eat in, I might as well add in a model’s metabolism.

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